10th day, 24,2 km, from Hüpassaare to Kõrtsi-Tõramaa

Wonderful morning. Sun peeks through mist and treetops. No wind. All others are still asleep. I could go to see the bog but then again it means additional walking and the best part of sunrise is over anyway. Another time. This time I just sit with coffee and enjoy the morning.
Today is 'strait-road-day’. First to Oksa and then to Tõramaa, directly through Soomaa. Sky is blue, smell of hay hangs in the air. Everything is still fresh and not very hot yet.
Get to Oksa and spend about an hour there, sitting in shade and trying to eat everything that’s still left. Then 11 km of strait road lies ahead. The fact that the trail goes through Soomaa does not mean that you can actually see Soomaa. After the first kilometer I see a map and suddenly remember that the road crosses Raudna river and there’s a bridge and possible to go swimming. Next 4 km are the fastest. It takes less than an hour before I see the bridge and Algis standing next to it. He offers me a ride to Tõramaa but I stay firm. And swimming is now more important than anything. Water is icy, that’s what Raudna stands for in my mind. But it feels damn good.
Finally at Tõramaa, I get my food for next days from Algis. I left it here a few weeks ago. A nice girl in the visitors’ center allows me to take a shower in sauna and stay there for two nights. Wow, I’ve got my own little house! It’s also possible to use the kitchen and wash all my dirty clothes. I go to eat outside, under apple trees. Swallows fly around me. Hikers’ paradise.
9th day, 31 km, from Kellisaare to Hüpassaare
rest day, 0 km, Tõramaa

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