11th day, 35,9 km, from Tõramaa to Kopra hut

Again wake-up at 6. It's cloudy but warm, nice for hiking. It drizzles and then it doesn’t. 8 km to Läti (Latvia) and from there about 100 km to Latvian border. As weird as it seems.
By Läti watch tower there are two cheerful women, we exchange all kinds of information about the trail, drinking water, swimming etc. After some snacks I continue. Before Pertlimetsa camp site the trail is not straight for a while which is lovely. Pertlimetsa camp site is a nice place and I feel a bit sorry for not staying for the night.
Some more straight and not so straight road, swimming in Halliste river by the bridge and I’m almost at Oissaare village. An older man with bicycle catches up with me and walks together with me for some time. He started basically in Oandu but rides the trail in two parts, now is the second one and he’s almost finished. Has hiked through most forests in Estonia.
It starts to rain in Oissaare. The last house of the village is supposed to be kind and you can get drinking water from them. And there’s a surprise – by the road are three big water bottles with a sign ’Fresh drinking water, please take it!’. And red apples. Wow, how untypical for Estonians. Thank you, Karulaane farm!
The man with bicycle goes ahead to dry in Kopra cabin. When I get there, he’s gone but there’s another man. Tanel, from Kilingi-Nõmme. Comes here to get away from people. Talks about his vision of life, shows a crucifix on the wall he has made and then finally leaves, wishing me a nice stay. He has made a fire which is good.
Thunder rolls on and on, and it drips a bit through the cabin’s roof.
rest day, 0 km, Tõramaa
12th day, 27,9 km, from Kopra hut to Rae lake

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