12th day, 27,9 km, from Kopra hut to Rae lake

I wake up a couple of times in the night. Fire burns quietly, shadows dance on the wall, rain has stopped, it's warm and cozy.
In the morning it’s still cloudy and everything looks wet. But it’s warm enough. A bit of drizzle, then dry. Some straight roads and some curvy roads lead me to Kilingi-Nõmme, the only town on this trail. Somehow this song went with these roads in my mind today.
In Kilingi-Nõmme I get plenty of plasters for my blisters, real food and water. Then I’m off towards Rae lake. Interesting wild life to watch on the way. A bee moves busily on blossoms and rests then on a dry leaf. Some people are in the forest, searching for mushrooms. A lady offers me a ride but I stay firm, I’ll walk.
Rae lake is lovely, with a bridge to go swimming from. Sun appears and then disappears again. Swimming is refreshing and nice.
11th day, 35,9 km, from Tõramaa to Kopra hut
13th day, 32 km, from Rae lake to Kabli

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