14th day, 19,7 km, from Kabli to Ikla

There was a lovely sunset last night. I tried to imagine the earth rotating and sun disappearing behind the curve but it's still easier to believe my eyes - sun dips into the sea. Science is a matter of belief.
Today I have the final stretch before me. The morning is traditionally cloudy. First stop is at the bakery in Kabli for fresh pie. Rest of the road is tarmac, obviously the fantasy of RMK has ran out here. Then again, it must be difficult to persuade the many private land owners to let trail pass through their territory. Estonians are very ownership-conscious.
At Lemme it is possible to have a shower for 2 euros. I need to wash my hair and loose all smell before the bus ride. Then I go to watch the sea at Krapi camping area. It is very windy and doesn't seem warm at all but I know the water is nice. Still I don't go swimming, partly because I don't think it's wise to get dirt on my broken blisters (which is wrong, salt water is actually good).
At 14:13 I touch the border post in Ikla, separating the Republic of Estonia from the Republic of Latvia. 15 days 6 hours and 2 minutes after starting in Altja. One of my toe nails remains on the border.
Get an ice-cream from nearby shop and watch four cyclists getting ready for their start towards Oandu. The bus to Pärnu goes in an hour and from Pärnu there are plenty of buses to Tallinn.
13th day, 32 km, from Rae lake to Kabli
from Ikla to Tallinn

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