13th day, 32 km, from Rae lake to Kabli

It rains heavily in the night. Morning is cloudy but clouds hurry away towards south, leaving more and more space for the sun. Fog dances on the lake and birds live their everyday life around me.
The trail follows a local study trail for beginning, along the lake, which is nice. Then gravel roads start again. And some tarmac road. There's a nice small church in Ussiaru and I see a cringle.
Finally at Kabli, by the sea. I met the sea last time two weeks ago in Altja. Water is very warm but it’s also quite windy.
My right foot is not very ok but I still have 18 km to cover tomorrow. We’ll see.
12th day, 27,9 km, from Kopra hut to Rae lake
14th day, 19,7 km, from Kabli to Ikla

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