1st day, 30,16 km from Altja to Nõmmeveski

I fall asleep to the sound of the sea and wake up with it. It rained during the night but sun is partly out in the morning. Swans swim across the bay. Beautiful morning, 8:11 the walk begins.
The first part of the trail goes along quiet pine forest, some birds are chirping, a squirrel escapes up a tree. Blueberries are ready and tasty. While I sample these, two hikers catch up with me. Later it turns out that I'm faster though.
In Võsu it starts to rain immediately after I’ve had a snack and directed three bicycle riders towards Aegviidu. I meet them again at Lemuselja farm and it's sunny after that. Even hot. Patches of sun form nice patterns on the moss.
Horses at Võhma, then Valgejõgi river until Nõmmeveski where I stay for the night. Although it looks nice, water is freezing. And then it turns cloudy and windy and really cold. I put on all the clothes, eat dinner and escape to the tent. It starts to rain.
pre-day, from Tallinn to Altja
2nd day, 30,56 km, from Nõmmeveski to Jussi Väinjärv

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