4th day, 30,97 km, from Mägede to Hiieveski

Bright blue sky greets me in the morning. The trail goes past Valgehobusemägi Ski Center and after that turns into forest. Sun shines through trees forming silver patterns on the moss, it looks beautiful. Some trees also lie on the way. Not too much mud luckily. Bag is not heavy because most of the clothes are on and most of the food is eaten.
Hot. I take some of the clothes off. It turns windy, chilly, I put some of the clothes back on. Estonian summer.
Since I ran out of gas this morning and forgot to take some matches I have an assignment. To get matches. I notice a „welcome"-sign by the road. What a surprise. Accommodation, sauna and fishing. The host turns out to be Russian, a bit drunk probably, gives me a half-empty box and wonders what it is there in Ikla and why everybody is going there. Difficult to explain, nothing actually. Latvia starts there.
Sweet and big blueberries at Kalajärv lake. Strong wind appears. I hide in Noku camping area (laavu?), listen to the wind and watch treetops trying to write something in the sky.
Gray clouds hurry over Kakerdaja bog and wind runs past me. It starts to rain after I've finished crossing the bog. Mostly light rain, we call it mushroom rain. Drizzle. Dry resting places are under fir trees but the further I go the less rainproof they are.
At Napu there’s a table but no roof over it. Make myself a nest under fire wood shelter. At least a roof over my head.
Road to Hiieveski seems especially long, wet and tiring. And Hiieveski is not a beautiful place. Some garbage. No firewood. Find a dry place under some fir trees, put up my tent and crawl in. Hopefully it will rain less tomorrow.
3rd day, 28,31 km, from Jussi Väinjärv to Mägede
5th day, 24,4 km, from Hiieveski to Hirvelaane

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