3rd day, 28,31 km, from Jussi Väinjärv to Mägede

It tries to rain a bit in the morning but everything is dry outside.
Trail starts with ups and downs by the Jussi lakes, I haven't seen these before with cloudy weather. Linajärv lake is a good place for a swim, water is dark but the ground is hard, unlike most Estonian lakes.
Lilac bot heather on Jussi clearing matches with dark blue skies. Some meadows and dark forest follow, leaves forming a tunnel above my head. Harakajärv lake is located in the middle of pine forest and swamp, an unlikely place with light green shores. Young ducks hurry away. Then some more ups and down before Aegviidu. In winter there are skiing trails here. In summer only ants mind their business. Snacks by the road include raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.
Rain stop at Aegviidu nature information center with a kind hostess. If you need to charge your batteries then this is the place!
After rain the air is clear and smells good. Long gravel road leads over towards the horizon. Forest on both sides is very quiet except for some birds. Trail signs are only very few, luckily I have the gps-track. Minor roads lead somewhere into the forest. From childhood on these have left me wondering what's there, where do they lead to. Some owl kind of bird cries and trees start swinging. Mosquitoes appear.
At Mägede the first camping place is occupied by party-Russians. The second is empty. I swim and a family comes to let their dog swim. In my cooking water.
The big blue cloud from yesterday arrives and Russians start to scream. Someone is being killed probably.
2nd day, 30,56 km, from Nõmmeveski to Jussi Väinjärv
4th day, 30,97 km, from Mägede to Hiieveski

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