6th day, 18,5 km, from Hirvelaane to Loosalu

We had a party yesterday evening, eating all the stuff that my sister, Toomas and Kuuba brought. But first we went swimming. There had to be a lake in the bog and indeed it was. Very shallow but with extremely nice sunset. After that wine by camp fire and talk didn't end until 1 o’clock.
In the morning food-aid left towards Märjamaa and I continued towards Loosalu. Gravel road, sitting on hay for rest, passing village men wishing me a happy journey. Then into the forest through a green tunnel. A trace of elk is left in mud. A duck flies away from a ditch next to the trail. Lot of raspberries.
Loosalu camp site is nice again. I go to inspect the bog. It is supposed to be too wet to cross because the wooden pathway is broken. That’s why RMK recommends to pass the bog by small roads and why I’ve agreed with my sister that she will pick me up tomorrow morning and drive to the other side of the bog. But well, the bog is dry. The wooden pathway is indeed in bad shape but manageable. I walk past the lake in the middle of the bog until the bog’s end. 7 additional kilometers. No need to go around, I can pass this tomorrow with no problems.
Bog is nicely quiet only bees buzz in the heather. I sit by the lake for a while to watch the changing colors of the water. Then I take some water with me, make dinner and off to sleep. Need to make up what was missed last night.
5th day, 24,4 km, from Hiieveski to Hirvelaane
7th day, 26,4 km, from Loosalu to Tillniidu

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