7th day, 26,4 km, from Loosalu to Tillniidu

In the evening a young couple arrived on bicycles. They are the first I meet who go from Oandu to Ikla.
Crossing the bog I meet a fisherman. Later I hide from him going swimming in the lake. Weather is warm although it's cloudy, water is nice, it’s peaceful and quiet. No rush onward.
After the bog trail goes through forest and starts to move up and down. Big frogs escape from the way. After a while I climb to Reevimägi, an old place for sacrifices. Now just a nice place for views over Raplamaa.
In Lelle there’s a good opportunity to visit a shop. I get an ice cream and water. Post office and pharmacy are closed already.
Some tarmac and some very very long and strait gravel road take me to Tillniidu. An old farmhouse used to be here. Now it’s a lovely camping site. I take an improvised shower and wash some clothes. It’s very warm, sky is blue, real summer. A distant cow sounds from somewhere.
6th day, 18,5 km, from Hirvelaane to Loosalu
8th day, 32,8 km, from Tillniidu to Kellissaare

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