eight hiking day

Zigzaging path up to Parfi pass looks directly into our beds in the morning.
More and more of it becomes illuminated by sun. Ascent isn’t hard and goes through rose bushes. This is our last pass, 3900 meters high.
On the other side of the pass is Zanskar river, colored like coffee with milk, rushing to meet Indus. The shores consist of giant stone slabs that have been piled randomly. We have traversed Zanskar range and reached Zanskar valley. Sun scorches, dust clouds rise from the path. Once we get to rinse our toes in a stream.
Campsite is in Hamanur or Hanumil which is the first Zanskar village when looked from our direction. We camp in a green oasis with trees, gurgling water channel and Georgian style double peeing toilet. From a stall on the edge of the grass we get beer with European price. We talk and read. After dinner the guide again performes a mantra and the sky is full of stars.
seventh hiking day
ninth or last hiking day

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