ninth or last hiking day

The whole day we follow Zanskar river although upstream.
On the riverbank huge sandstone hats have been erected, each with a cocky stone on top. Once we stick our toes into the river. In Pishu the trek ends, tents are put up and the guide goes to look for a car. In total we have walked 115 kilometers from Kanji.
We take our books, a mattress and make ourselves comfortable in the windy shade of a shop-tent in our tent is hot and no breeze. The car is supposed to arrive any minute. Nevertheless tea is served. Only when the car really drives on the campsite people start to pack. Just horsemen with five horses and two donkeys stay behind. There is no room for cook and helper inside the car so they travel on top of all the luggage. The road is a bit bumpy.
Suddenly a huge pile of rocks block our way. A tractor throws in more from upstairs. It takrs about one hour to clear the road. Meanwhile a herd of sheep and goats create their own blockade. The car starts to make a strange noise. Hopefully nothing vital falls off before Padum.
We take on a hitchhiker who also climbs on top of the luggage. Asphalt begins. In Padum are this time some more houses and a few tourists. We make our way to the accommodation along backstreets. In the most narrow place there is a jam and our driver has some truble controlling the car. The hitchhiker climbs down, jumps around the car in need of attention. But all attention is directed to honking.
When we finally arrive in the guest house then the staff puts up camp in front yards, sahibs go inside. We have aquired field worker’s tan, it feels like I had sandpaper between my lips and Kalle has grown a beard.
After shower we find a restaurant serving beer and rice and then the slowest internet in the world. Pay per minute.
eight hiking day
Phugtal monastery

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