in open air museum

We sleep as long as we can which means that breakfast is at noon and first coffee around 3 o’clock.
It rains heavily in the morning so one either has to swim along the streets to get coffee or use tuk-tuk as a boat. After rains the air is somewhat fresher but feels still like hot wet towel. Coffee is unfortunately not worthy of its name. Kalle describes the drink as an unwashed goat had bathed in her milk.
In Lodhi district artists have since 2016 used houses as canvas. As we have no other plans the open-air art exhibition is a suitable entertainment. The works from this year have environmental problems as a theme, older ones are already a bit overwhelmed by Indian weather. Traffic is sparce enough to go constantly to the other side of the road for better view. Kids play cricket.
Drizzle and dark sky motivate us to look for a coffee and eating place. It’s about time that we get decent coffee. We walk through some backyards to a fancy restaurant that is closed, find another one next to it, cold as a fridge and prices ceiling-high. Portions are small but coffee comes from French press. In a café on next streetcorner it is possible to repeat eating and get even better coffee. On our way home we buy healty two course dinner that consist of mango and jalebi.
In our hotel room the system of buckets has despite its engineering geniality fallen over and the room is full of water. The evening is filled with philosophical discussions.
arrival in Leh

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