We are brought to the airport by a guy who is advertised in the app as known for great conversations.
Experience on the spot clarifies that the conversations are mostly held over the phone. We test breakfasts. Our flight is delayed by 1,5 hours. I open the book and close the book. A gentelman serves additional coffee.
Finally the flight is totally cancelled because of bad weather in Leh. All booked full for tomorrow, it is possible to re-book for the day after. We take it since we don’t have much joice. Force the man behind the counter to change our flight instead of waiting in line on the phone like all the others.
We pick a new hotel that sounds suspiciously good and is located in the already familiar neighborhood. It requires involvement of many local people to find it. For some reason we let us into an affair of cheating booking.com for the price of free meal, water and airport drop-off. The rooms look good at first glance but soon it is obvious that there’s no internet in one corner and water drips from air conditioning unit. This is where the complementary water obviously comes.
We spend time sitting in samosa joint and wandering around in the muddy streets. Feels like being in sauna. Sun has also been released today. Sauna must involve beer that a cooled restaurant serves in pairs. When we’re back in our room we order coffee that probably has sleeping pills mixed into it. After coming to our senses we discuss regional development in a local dimly lit food shop entertained by honking cars and drink water in a fancy restaurant.
Map https://eur-share.inreach.garmin.com/rattatiir.  
extremes of Delhi
in open air museum

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