It rains in the night. Good, as long as it doesn't rain during daytime. According to weather forecast it shouldn't. So it is, in the morning sun shines on my tent.
After some hesitation I go swimming. Water is still cold. Then again, what else could it be when in the night it's 12 degrees and up to 18 in daytime.
The hare comes, fusses with something in the middle of the beach. Sniffs, eats something, listens from time to time, ears like a fan. I move slowly towards tent although it's probably impossible to get my camera through two zippers without the hare noticing me. Hare rolls over, the belly is white. Then he notices something and runs away.
I call to the hotel in Degerby. For last night it would be nice to have a decent place for staying, with shower and stuff. Besides, it's in buildings from 16th century. They have a free room. www.enigheten.ax.
I look at water in sunshine for some time and head then towards Degerby. In my bag cell phone is charging, sunbattery is a nice thing.
Enigheten is a really atmospheric place. Lovely furniture and old sewing machine in my room. Sauna is included in the price and a la carte until nine o'clock.
Nice, I go to check out Föglö church. It's four kilometers.
Of course lunch before that. A very special local restaurant is called Seagam. Looks like Haapsalu. A couple of guests and ethereal servant. View on yacht harbor, yachts move peacefully over my visual field.
The church is once again built for Maria Magdalen and they did it already in 14th century. Built from colorful stones. It was located next to a trading route going to Russia and merchants gave big sums of money to the church. No ship model inside this time but they have a table cloth with ship motive. On the walls paintings of Holy Supper and Jesus. The last looks very realistic, a young man looking right where soft light falls on him. The picture is made by someone called Warner Sallman who later moved to US as the brochure says. A busload of senior citizens are brought in. Around the church a girl teaches another one to ride a horse.
A beach in Södra Degersand. Water seems warmer here. A party of Germans is having fun in the water and a Finnish man tries to talk with them in his basic German. Finally everybody leaves and the beach is left for me. Only a bird sings.
Perch in a la carte. Beer for sauna is waiting for me at 10. Setting sun makes tableware reflect on the glass table.
30,8 km today.
from Föglö to Mareinhamn

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