from Suure-Rootsi to Rootsivere

Manage to start especially early or 8 o’clock.
It will be a long and hot day. Yesterday I escaped the heat on Abruka. In the evening in Roomassaare it was much warmer than on the small island.
A fox turns back when he sees me. Sheep and overgrown tourist farm in Kailuka village. Ice-cream stop in Sandla and much forest land without forest after that.
Possibility for shortcut from Asva to Saareküla. Probably I turn too early. Anyway, the road disappears into faint path with plenty of mosquitoes. Finally I reach a bay that mosquitoes haven’t found yet. There’s a spring. Very nice, I was just thinking that I should start to look round for water. There’s also pretty decent gravel road some thirty meters away.
Then there’s the option to go and see if there’s a way to cross where on the map the road goes through water. After some thicket and animal trail there really is a dam. And ruins of old fish farm.
Enough of bushes and adventure for today so I cycle from Muraja right to Kõrkvere. From there gravel road towards Kübassaare. A very uncomfortable road. It’s very hot and I’m getting very tired. When I see a spot for a swim I jump in. Still 2,5 km to the lighthouse. I decide that I don’t so much have to see it and turn back. Back to Kõrkvere and to shop in Tornimäe. I’m out of drinking water.
Now is asphalt, Small Strait dam and Muhu island. I drag on slowly, all strenght is gone. Overnight in Vahtna ex-harbor and beach. Go for a swim. I’m cold, shivering. Probably overheated today. So I first have a nap and cook dinner around midnight. Over the trait the lights of Orissaare are visible, great bittern hoots in reed.
Distance 106 km.
from Rootsivere to Suuremõisa

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