from Lemme to Pärnu

It rains.
Not much and it stops while I slowly wake up, eat and read. The weather feels still like autumn.
An animal with long body and stick-like tail escapes into fern. Probably a mink.
I stop at Kabli bakery because a loaded bicycle already stands there, the same kind of orange rain cover over bags as I have. The cyclist is inside, busy with his phone. A local man sits in my table and curses right-wing politicians. Later I meet the cyclist outside. He’s on the Oandu-Ikla hiking trail and about to finish. We exchange stories about angry dogs and water sources.
Sun comes out. Have to change clothes and use the break to upload yesterday’s blog. This also is becoming a tradition. When there’s not enough internet at the campsite the blog goes up next day from a suitable bus stop. This time it’s called Jaagupi.
Until Häädemeeste it’s possible to ride on a small road, the big one whining somewhere close by. Then I have to move there until Võiste. Scary. Ice-cream in front of Võiste shop.
There has to be a small road from Võiste to Tahkuranna. Seems that even on such an innocent distance as from Lemme to Pärnu I manage to find gravel roads. Goes along the sea and is generally nice. Have a look at Suurna nose although it has a no-entry sign in front of it.
Highway until Pärnu with a lunch break in Reiu. Wind most of the time from behind but sometimes from the side which is complicated. Pärnu begins with light traffic road through forest and cows. I find Koidula park and Kalle in it. Washing, pizza, thorough bike maintenance and interview with Kalle’s parents.
Distance 67 km.
from Sandra forest hut to Lemme beach
from Pärnu to Matsi

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