from Puise nose to Sääretirp

Wind has died down by morning. I was hoping it's from behind today.
Mend the sidebag with what I have at hand. That’s not much but some string will have to do. Main thing is to keep the other fastenings from breaking.
My knee made itself felt yesterday, probably too much exercise. About time to go for a vacation on the islands. There will be four of them.
A short hiking trail is by the road but since I have a ferry to catch I would be constantly looking at my watch and that kind of nervousness on a trail does not suit me. Next time. I also miss the turn to Topu harbour because for some reason gps does not show it and there’s no sign. No big deal.
Matsalu with its junipers and reed fields is now left behind and pine forest smells of heat by the road. I use all the services in the harbor while waiting for the ferry to depart.
Hiiumaa smells differently. Of pines. Also of these pines that left the ferry on a lorry in Rohuküla.
A circle through Sarve peninsula. Ants are busy at the campsite. Wooded meadow has been recently restored. A lovely detour anyway. Spot some new orchids by the road. Ice-cream stop in Suuremõisa. Salinõmme harbor is behind lock. A bery long stretch of straight road and then are Esiküla, Taguküla, Kassari and Sääretirp.
Put the tent up and walk the narrow strip of the peninsula to the end. There are some young horses and cormorants. So here are the cormorants that white-tailed eagles drove away from Tondirahu. A small bird keeps landing next to me as if asking to be photographed. Martin later says by the photo that it's dunlin. Find some garbage and take it with me. Mild light and foamy waves. When I look back over my shoulder then all the horses are following me. Later a nightingale sings directly into my tent. Before the singing competition starts.
Cycling 80 km.
from Salevere to Puise nose
from Sääretirp to Tuhkana

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