from Salevere to Puise nose

I try to clean up the kitchen in the morning a bit but who knows where all these things should go.
Nässu the cat thinks that I have to feed her and hisses at me angrily. She probably thinks that all humans look alike.
It was lovely to be here and sweet that Kairi and Andrus wasted a whole day on me. Everybody can visit them,
For start I drive through Metsküla and Meelva to Tuudi. Air is thick with birdsong and some of it now has a name attached for me. Of course I remember only a part of yesterday’s information flow but something still. Two deer run over the road and roadsides bloom with orchids. In Metsküla is the smallest primary school in Estonia. It has 15 pupils. When it was re-opened out of enthusiasm of the locals in 1987 then there were 3 children. Metsküla is also the place where I have to zigzag between Roman snails.
In Tuudi is a shop and that of course means ice-cream. I lean the bike so carelessly on the wall that it falls down when I step away. The bags have to be untangled and re-attached. Only then I can have my ice-cream. A woman with bicycle approaches, asks where I’m going and wishes a happy journey.
I continue through Alaküla and Kirikuküla to Penijõe. In Penijõe is national park’s visitors’ centre and there it is possible to watch a beautiful movie about Matsalu. On the walls are photos from 2015 „Bloodless Hunt“ photography competition. The staff has time to chat about birds and point me to picnic tables behind the house. Penijõe-Kauksi hiking trail starts here and I can follow its first kilometers.
I stay on paved road although there are some gravel options. It will be a long day anyway. Tailwind and flat earth. Driving around Matsalu bay means that one has to turn west at some point. Headwind now of course what takes 5 kilometers off hourly speed and 5 more later. The wind has blown away the clouds at least.
Next ice-cream stop in front on Rõude shop. Two pairs of cyclist go to the opposite direction. Going against the wind takes a lot of effort and time. I stop at Rannamõisa view tower. View is over huge grassy area and wind. A tractor brings a cartful of cows.
Detour to Haeska bird watching tower because it is the nr 1 tower in the Nordic countries. Biggest amount of birds has been counted from here. In Haeska lives Miranda who tries to make officials understand that we manage Natura 2000 areas in a way that reduces biological diversity and makes landscape monotonous. After the project was started agriculture has intentifies and more land is used. Plants, birds and insects disappear. Farmers get subsidies for that which is non-sense.
From Haeska to Panga. Next to the road are picturesque ruins. I decide to stop and take a picture and drive off thd road into a ditch. Cycle lies down, I manage to stand but have my legs wide apart and can feel the nettles. Giggling does not help collecting my legs and pushing the bike back to the road. After the incident some insects are attached to me that weren’t there before. At least I’m not sleepy anymore.
I’m really tired by the time I reach Puise and ready to use the guesthouse there. But there’s no sign of it. Instead I spot official beach. One can certainly camp there. A DC on the other side of the road and all. I look into the harbor, find a tap and get water. Windy, no mosquitoes.
Sidebag fastening appears to be broken. Probably the crash at the shop. This is not good. Hopefully the support team will have fixing tools in Muhu.
Try to walk to the end of the peninsula. Ignore „private land“ signs but not anxious birds. So go back. Peek at the sunset from tent. Sun just drops behind horizon with no fuss.
Distance 103 km.
resting day in Matsalu
from Puise nose to Sääretirp

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