from Rootsivere to Suuremõisa

Exactly seven o’clock comes Mrs Niit swimming together with her sister.
They ask if I’m not afraid to travel alone like this. And find right away that yes, there’s actually nothing to be afraid of. Even wild boar have all been hunted down. Wild boar is the scariest that the ladies can think of.
A bit later another lady arrives. Goes into changing cabin and asks if I travel alone. Getting a negative answer she asks further if it’s okay when she swims naked. I don’t have anything against people swimming naked. I do it later also myself but then threatening noice approaches. A man with motorcycle. It’s not my friend Urmas. Looks thoughtfully at his shoes when I finally decide to come out of the sea. A Dutchman, went to Finnland for a motorcycle event and someone recommended him to go back home through Estonia. Looked at the map that here’s a beach. He has similar experience with trails that exist on the map but disappear in real life.
There’s a restaurant in Koguva harbor. It was opened yesterday. First coffee is for free, then sandwiches that I get from employees’ breakfast. Greeting is in English at first because no Estonian woman would travel alone on a bike like this. The son of the hostess is currently travelling around the world but interrupted his travel in order to work in the restaurant in summer.
Next the road goes through Igaküla and Piiri to Nõmmküla beach. It’s sandier and goes deep faster than the beach in Vahtna. But it’s significantly colder. Nevertheless I try it out.
Seaküla seems to be a real tourist attraction. Two sets of foreign tourists have come to visit the ruins of a fish factory.
On Üügu cliff is as hot as it was last time when I was here. An ant bites be in the backside. I guess it got info my clothes in Nõmmküla. Bites exactly on the spot where my bum touches the edge of the saddle. Very uncomfortable.
Already second Kallaste after lake Peipsi. And I have been cycling through at least four Mõisaküla.
Headwind until Hellamaa. The notice board there says that horse manure from Tihuse farm costs 8 euros for a cubic meter. In Tuudi it was 15 euros for a ton. Interesting, how heavy is a cubic meter of manure?
I go to meet the ferry in Kuivastu but my supply delivery is not on this ferry. My phone is dead. Last charging in Matsalu.
Cobble stone road to Võiküla and beyond is more pleasant than I assumed. First there is a smooth stretch next to the stones where I can drive. Second, the cars drive slow and without dustclouds. From there goes local cycle trail nr 336 which is a very nice trail. In Rässa village everyone is busy mowing lawn. In Pädaste I miss the supply delivery by a couple of seconds and Kalle has to enjoy the most expensive coffee in the world in the manor alone.
I enter Laheküla village from the back door and am the first one at my aunt’s summer house. Read in the hammock for a while unyil I notice that instructions how to get in have arrived on e-mail. My aunt’s husband will come with the last ferry in the night.
Supply delivery arrives after some wrong turns and we take over the house. That means mainly that beer goes into fridge, strawberries in a bowl and I in shower. Then we go to Koguva harbor for dinner. The cloud that has been waiting on the horizon lets its water loose at last.
Cycling distance 68 km.
from Suure-Rootsi to Rootsivere
resting day on Muhu island

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