resting day on Muhu island

We sleep long which is really nice. Breakfast on the terrace.
Mati takes us on a tour across the island. We check put his son’s house, sacred tree and sacrificial stone, a house on sale, go to Lõunaranna harbor, put engine on the boat and go for a short ride. Visit wine farm and Paenase village. Show Üügu cliff to Kalle. Get in to Rinsi church. Walk in to all commercial establishments in Liiva and shop in a home shop.
Back to Suuremõisa we read on the terrace with Kalle, have beer and strawberries and are not bothered by Mati who is mowing the lawn. I read a book by local author „Minu Muhumaa“ (my Muhu island). It’s quite well written and not as bitter as I was told. A very accurate remark about the wind from page 65: The wind on Muhu island is peculiar, it’s always headwind no matter which direction you are cycling.
In the evening we follow the sun with the grill. All kind of delicacies are grilled.
from Rootsivere to Suuremõisa
from Suuremõisa to Külaküla

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