resting day in Matsalu

After a hearty breakfast we go on tour with Kairi and Andrus.
Right in the beginning we see common buzzard and northern goshawk. From goals we go first to Saastna peninsula and meet Gunnar. Through his garden one can access Pikanina cape. Sun comes out. I see flying cockoos. Next come two white-tailed eagles and a golden plover who should already be in Finland. I also get familiar with starling, terns, seagulls, leaf warblers and redshank. Common roswfinch I remember especially good. Birds who nest on the ground are threatened by grazing and poison-using agriculture. Massive clearcutting is the main reason why the amount of birds is drastically reduced every year.
We climb Porimägi hill where is nice view and about which there are speculations that it could be the burial place of Swedish king Ingvar.
Before rain we get to have a quick walk on Salevere forest hill where among trees is impressive rock terrace. My vocabulary is increased by icterine warbler and common chaffinch.
After lunch we check out the heron colony near Matsalu manor. The manor belongs to some Swedish guy and slowly falls apart. In Keemu harbor barn swallows are busy building nests.
We collect laundry drying outside and make a trip inland. From the view tower in Tuhu bog one can see almost the entire bog and hear black-tailed godwit. Nice view from Vatla castle wall. In a quarry pond close by is no-one besides a mallard family.
Fast cake, then Kairi has to go to Tallinn and Andrus home. Equipment delivery arrives with two spare tyres and a chocolate.
from Matsi to Salevere
from Salevere to Puise nose

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