a day in Kulusuk

Around five dogs start howling. At seven I just loose sleep. Estonian time.

I look into the church. There's a man washing the floor and cool windows. Everyone who have shipwrecked around here have participated in building the church. From the monument of the last drum dancer leads a climb over the rocks to a place with a good view towards the icebergs. There should actually be one more drum dancer in the village and a girl is learning the art but she's planning to move to Nuuk soon.
Some noise on the bay. Whale breathing. I can see the back, a fin and a cloud of water. And then there's another whale. They swim in unison until three orange roaring motorboats appear from behind a corner and scare the whales away.
For taking pictures of the icebergs floating in the fjord I need something for scale. Helpfully Arktika turns up. She looks very fragile next to the iceberg.
I climb the higher mountain, using the correct path this time. The view from up there is better than from the hill yesterday. I sit on a rock, drink tea, eat dried bread, look around. Almost no wind, instead are there tiny flies. Two lakes are visible across the mountain. I leave one of them for next time and sit into the other. When there is such a lovely sandy spot. On the other side of the lake is snow. The mountain opposite is wrapped in fog quickly.
I follow the road back to the village in order to go and ask in the hotel if they have WiFi as was promised in internet. Once there, I can't find sufficient curiosity for internet but walk ahead. Marks with bullet holes line the road. Although I keep looking around the only moving white thing is a small bus with tourists.
People are cutting two whales into pieces in the village. They look smaller than the ones I saw this morning.
Time to rest my foot. With help of two trekking poles I manage go uphill and downhill with no problems.
In the evening we go and walk a dog with Teresa. The dog is called Nanoq which means polar bear.

arrival in Kulusuk
from Kulusuk to Tiniteqilaaq

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