from Kulusuk to Tiniteqilaaq

Although Siggi says that I can come to the pier any time before twelve, there is nobody at ten except for the dingy.

Arktika anchors in the middle of water. I go to Teresa's and we spy on life in the harbour through her giant window. Around twelve something starts to happen, some luggage meant for Arktika goes to Aurora and the other way around.
Together with the crew we are thirteen people so the boat is full. The crew this time are kayak guide Veiga from Iceland and Lauri from Finland. From some reason we also have an on-board photographer Chris. Promises to take pictures of everyone, send the pictures later and answer to all photo related questions. Enjoys showing his photos. There are a lot of them. English, German and Icelandic are spoken. Other people are from the US, Australia, Germany, Switzerland or of mixed heritage that takes long to explain. Blankets is something new. This is a luxury ship now.
Leg stretching in Tiniteqilaaq. I know how to ask the kids watching us land how they are and get a long string of non-intelligible words back. Village streets are taken over by teenage dogs. Landscape behind the village is layered and coloured like an onion and pinkish light poured over the ice cubes that fill the fjord.
Fish soup and discussion of family problems in the evening.

a day in Kulusuk
from Tiniteqilaaq to Comanche bay

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