from Queen Marie valley to Vend Om

Most of the night I can hear the wind coming whining and whistling with a clear intention to overturn the ship.

After an especially violent blow reigns silence and we jerk up and down with merry murmur.
In the morning everyone discovers harmoniously that September has arrived together with the weekend. Sun is out, wind still rules the area.
We wait for the wind to die down so that we could go for a walk and for a fish. Wind dies not but herds water into folds and piles. We look hopefully towards the sharp-edged alpine landscape on blue background and then wave it sadly goodbye. It is too dangerous to venture out on a dingy. All sails get pulled up to compensate that, Veiga makes pancakes and these are served on deck. Around the corner weather is calm and Lauri takes those interested on a dingy ride to take pictures of Arktika in full sail in front of a snow wall. Unbelievably warm day.
We try if it's possible to pass a narrow canal that cuts one of the islands in two. On the map there's a glacier in the middle of it but the map is from 1980. On the lowest point water is only a bit deeper than needed so we get through. In Danish the place is called 'turn around' and a dozen of years ago here really was a glacier.
Ship anchors and we climb up a hill. Siggi puts in a net although no fish is in sight. It is just a nice bowl lined with stones and water in the bottom. On the ground are moss, flowers and meager birches that lean on the rocks. Fauna is represented by thick swarms of flies who want to enter our mouths and noses.
Greenlandic oven tortillas and melon roll for dinner.
Night sky is clear and strewn over with starts. In every direction the shore reflects in silent water. Nordic lights make only a poor performance.

Queen Maria valley
from Vend Om to Umanap Tunorqutaria

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