Queen Maria valley

Morning is still windy and initial plan reaches only until breakfast.

Siggi introduces us the three main rules of sailing: mast must point upwards, ship should not touch the ground and water has to be outside. Simple.
We come out of our by-fjord and move further inland along the main bay. On both sides rise dark triangle-shaped mountains like a corridor. Bits of glacier, bits of green. On the curves wind tilts the ship awry. Captain loses part of his silverware.
The crew still manages to save enough dishes so that after soup and pizza everyone makes a fast climb up a mountain. Water splashes over the dingy and on the mountain winds wants to blow one's feet off. On Arktika something bangs against the mast which sounds like a church bell. Enormous amounts of crowberries, less blueberries. We trample on berries. Moss and lichen cover the ground together with sparse flowers. Sun comes out and it is cosy to rest on the moss in wind shade. Brita loses and finds her phone. Over the sea rolls wind water into pikes.
Despite today's lack of physical activity all cookies disappear swiftly from the table. Lauri produces another traditional Finnish dish. Traditional Finns would probably be surprised. Despite being only 21 years old can Lauri can effortlessly manage the kitchen, the ship and a bunch of tourists.
Nansen reaches home with his fellow travelers. I start with a new book from the captain's library.
Veiga uses a photo of sun shining on snow-clad mountain tops to send everyone running on deck with cameras and free the needed space for setting the dinner table.
We spin on anchor because wind blows from all directions. The wind is born when cold air from over the icecap flows down both sides. A few times everyone is commanded to hold on their glasses during dinner. Arguably horizon is visible through the rooftop window. Due to mountainous landscape horizon is of course higher than usual.
I let the professional comment on my photos to pass time. Most get rated as 'nice photo' which is exactly what I think of them myself and isn’t very helpful. But there are also a couple of useful tips.
No way to get a good weather forecast because here is no-one for whom a forecast should be announced. Our location is best described by noticing that in case of emergency an helicopter would come from Iceland for the local helicopters are too small and would need to re-fuel but there is no place to do that.

Halvdans fjord
from Queen Marie valley to Vend Om

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