from Kalurikoja to Kaleste

Good to sleep in a house again despite the limited space.
There are quite big temperature differences near the sea and deeper in the forest. Hat and gloves do not feel logical anymore.
First stop in Hirmuste where the toilets are nailed shut and wind trashes the waves into a white foamy mess. Next sit-in near Ristna lighthouse. It is still closed, of course. On the other side of the peninsula is less wind and a beach with an empty bath tube. I spot a goldcrest up close. Since now I had only heard it sing.
The café in Kalana is also closed so we sit by the road, eat peanuts and watch a local raking in the wind. Then is new forest and new sculpture-like old trees.
In Ristna village is the RMK visitors’ center. Closed but with a water tap behind the house. We take time to make soup and coffee and chill at the picnic table.
By the time we reach Kaleste the sun is setting and we just about get some sunset pictures.
About 24 km today.
from Kapasto to Kalurikoja
from Kaleste to Leemeti

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