from Kapasto to Kalurikoja

As usually, the morning takes longer than planned.
The trail continues through Aruselja farm yard where the friendly owner explains us the history of the place, offers electricity and fresh water from the well. He also says that water in the well by the hut is fine.
Then forest. Nice, cool, moss-filled. Some stretches have only marks on trees and nobody has trampled a visible trail on the ground yet. Butterflies flap around, seemingly aimless.
Lunch stop at Laasimetsa camp site. A kind spirit has left bottled water on the table, so we only have to get a little more from under the ice that covers the small pond there. Soup and coffee on the menu.
Next are some sections of long straight road. These are called motivation-straights in the Estonian hiker community. You can test if you are able to stay motivated. We get a little entertainment when two deer and one fox cross the road.
Finally we reach the seaside again and have a short picnic at Luidja between the sand dunes. Super windy. From there the trail continues along the beach to Palli and then on to Kalurikoja. Only 7,7 plus 5 km more to go but sun is already setting and we are getting tired. Still the views on the beach are nice and it is interesting to see parts of the beach that are not meant for sunbathing.
There are some streams on the way. We decide to fill our water bottles in Poama stream by some kind of pond. Looks dubious. Later, at Kalurikoja, there are water bottles on the table. Well, don’t count on it.
The last stretch we walk in the dark with head lamps again. Starry sky above and clearly colder air coming in from the sea.
A car on the parking lot at Kalurikoja! Luckily there are no people in the hut, so we move in, eat and fall asleep quickly.
About 43 km of walking.
from Lehtma to Kapasto
from Kalurikoja to Kaleste

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