a day for doing nothing

It feels good to finally sleep as long as I want. I wake up around eight but here time is three hours behind us.
It's nicely clouded. No sweating. Boats that stood on their reflections yesterday evening are now on green-grey waves.
After breakfast in a familiar café I wander around the city to locate places that I need today and tomorrow: post office, swimming hall, cinema, hairdresser (find three of those), tourist information and hikers' shop. The latter is permanently closed. Then I check on my favorite Icelander. Siggi is busy cleaning the boat and I waste his time and tea to learn a few new words and find out that it's possible to buy gas from the gas station. Evidently. The hostel turns out to be an old salvation army building where Siggi went to Sunday school. That explains the stage in the sleeping room. I also get books about the planned hiking landscape and return to the hostel to do my homework. That means no swimming.
A man contacts me on the street. He remembers my pants from the restaurant yesterday and explains what details he especially likes. He also hasn't heard of Fjällraven. During lunch break I make friends with some local drunkards.
In the evening is a movie in the local cinema as if it was organized according to my schedule. Siggi is playing himself and being the cautious and wise captain.
The restaurant personnel is getting used to a strange foreigner who refuses to speak English.
Tomorrow I move over to a sailboat called Arktika to start using my surprise so-called literary stipend. During the first days there might be some network. On Midsummerday I start walking along Hornstrandir and there is definitely no network. Back in civilization late on the 5th of July.
leaving civilization

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