It is not that easy to go north after all.
First the Finns have trouble getting the staircase off from the plane and it takes more than an hour to leave Helsinki. Then the radio doesn't work on the plane going to Ísafjörður. To fix it luckily only takes fifteen minutes. Anyway, the house of cards that symbolizes my timetable shakes heavily but remains standing.
I manage to force stewardess, airport staff, taxi driver and waiter to speak Icelandic. They can do it. Stubbornness always helps.
Weird and nice to be in Ísafjörđur again. Word puzzle for the evening, I guess that I solve that. Well, I find Arktika who looks lonely and deserted.
Make friends with two Swiss girls in the restaurant and Heike in the hostel. The Swiss have never heard of Fjällraven and suspect me of working in polar fox research station. With Heike we talk until midnight and beyond.
The hostel price is outrageous but in March I didn't know that there would be an option of sleeping in the ship.
long way north
a day for doing nothing


  • Heike  •  July 02, 2017
    So good reading from and about you!
    Hope you are happy out there whatever you're doing.
    It felt so good and was so amazing to hear you voice some of my own thoughts! :)

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