a day in Reykjafjörður, 9,51 km

I try to finish breakfast before the teachers wake up.
One still appears and suggests that I might eat their food. Tomato and bread and so. They don't want to take it back home. Real food! I don't even pretend that I don't want it. Anyway, I wouldn't know how to politely express it in Icelandic that oh, don't bother, I'm fine but well, if you insist... Besides, when I'm hiking then a kind of survival mode switches on and I use such of opportunities unscrupulously. So I get to have sandwich and tomato and cucumber with my porridge and make a sandwich for lunch. The nice person also cuts two oranges and an apple for me. In addition she says that she'll put some of the stuff somewhere for me that sounds like putting fat outside one's window for birds (Estonians do that in winter).
I put my tent up and move over there. Looks like the campsite is the only place where terns tolerate humans.
Since I don't feel super energetic so I have a stroll by the beach. There's always something interesting at seaside, seashells, colored rocks, driftwood and other things the sea has brought. Besides, here a seals. Seals are always more interesting than glaciers that make your feet wet and that I'm a bit scared of the glaciers anyway.
On the beach are old boats. Boat ruins. Arktika was here in this harbor some time ago.
Smells of sea and flowers, birds chirp, a fulmar colony negotiates something. Before the tip of the peninsula is a place called seal-rock. Seals know that and lie flat on the stones. I sit down with a view to the seals and to the glacier. So I can actually see both. Seals scratch armpits and ears, snort and sneeze. Two seals fight for one rock. I have a feast with sandwich, tomato and banana. Seals glow in the sun.
At first I only planned to walk until the seals and back but now curiosity wins. How does Kanna look like from this side? It's a nice view towards it as is towards many other things. On the way back over the mountain I loose the trail and descent on a wall on stone.
Floating in the pool, looking at the glacier, terns, sun and clouds. I wash my socks secretly in the washing room. Laundry is actually not allowed here but I don't have any clean socks left and here is warm water.
Solve the puzzle how can two memory cards be full. The camera has saved all pictures on both cards, just in case. Can't give it so many cards in the future.
from Furufjörður to Reykjafjörður, 13,95 km
from Reykjafjörður to Hrafnfjörður, 20,2 km

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