from Reykjafjörður to Hrafnfjörður, 20,2 km

Today has five parts: over flat hill to next valley, cold footbath, back over Svartaskarð, a stretch of unmarked territory and descent to Hrafnfjörður.
First parts go back the same way. I don't like going back, especially when there's something difficult that is already done. Like a valley full on glacierwater and ascent to Svartaskarð. But I have to get to Grunnavík somehow.
Sun and strong wind. Wind tries to blow me off the course repeatedly and it is a real struggle to stay on track. Seems to come directly from the glacier. The views, on the other hand, are magnificent.
The water has not got any warmer but it somehow goes faster to cross the valley. Some snow before the pass has melted and the patch on the other side can be crossed without moving my feet and singing a song about sledging. Then there's a stretch of trail that exists on the map but not on the landscape. I still see footprints all the time. The landscape is fine but I have to cross a river that flows in a canyon. From far it looks like it's possible to cross either upstream or way down. The canyon needs to be looked into in any case and it contains an impressive waterfall. Waterfall recorded, it seems too tiresome to go back up so I bet for the place down although it adds a kilometer or two. Down it doesn't look good. I get over but for this amount of flow-speed I sit way too deep in water.
Meet the trail, wide as a highway. It is always nice to see a trail in this wild landscape. A sign that someone else has also been here and it is more convenient to walk. You also don't destroy as much vegetation walking on trails. I can feel roots cracking under my feet and the footprints remain for many years. On the other hand it feels of course totally free to walk where no-one has walked before. Seemingly at least.
The trail heads first to deep-blue lake of Skorarvatn and then down to the bay. Seems easy until I notice a huge waterfall on the left. Waterfall of course has to be inspected and photographed but the amount of water that is now on the wrong side of me makes me a bit worried. Luckily I don't have to worry long because I see something that makes me shout. Civilization! Bridge! I've seen this bridge on a picture but didn't remember that it was here. Blessed be the Icelanders.
I sit on a stone here and there looking at the wonderful surroundings and enjoying relatively windless spots. Again it seems as if I was the only human on Earth. Except for the bridge. And then I reach the sea and can't believe my eyes. People, about fifteen of them, together with an corresponding amount of tents. So here the hikers all are. The official campsite is a bit further so I disappear around the corner. Across the mountain in front of me is Lónafjörður, the circle is completed.
Weird that I haven't seen any foxes for many days.
a day in Reykjafjörður, 9,51 km
from Hrafnfjörður to Leirufjörður, 12,1 km

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