climbing in Hornvík

Rayzorbill's eggs for breakfast.
After breakfast everyone is chartered to shore, only the captain stays on he boat. We form two teams. Teresa, Leonard and me are faster, Disa stays behind with Robert. It's clouded but dry at first. We notice a raven stealing someone's egg. A fox wanders around among greenery. The cliff's edge is full of bird nests. We sit and walk and sit and walk and take a lot of pictures.
When we get to the top of the mountain there are strong wind and a cloudful of rain. The path disappears. Wild descent and we meet the path exactly where I turned back last year. And we turn back there. Again.
Picnic by the lake. No picnic cloth or sun screen but entertainment from the birds who fly around, gather into a pile on the water and start again. This time I can at least see the lake, last time I only heard it. Down below waits Arktika like last year. Only this time it waits for me too.
Down on a familiar path, we meet Robert and Disa at the beach. They have found a sick fox puppy. By coincidence some of the staff from the polar fox center arrive and the puppy gets disposed with them.
The rain is getting stronger and there's movie evening in the boat.
The plans are changed again. When I want to continue enjoying my princess-conditions then I could stay on board until Lónafjörður and start my hike from there, getting both the exploring part and the easy coast-side with waterfalls and the lighthouse.
leaving civilization
walk to Hvannadal

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