walk to Hvannadal

Almost good weather. Dry, patches of sun, painted sky.
We drive to the shore and team up the same way as yesterday. Our team heads right along the shore. Over rocks that I remember, the rope that is only on the steeper side this year, steep path up that last time was very wet, muddy and slippery. A fox busies herself on the beach, looks at us suspiciously and runs up the cliff without using the rope. Summer arrives for about half an hour, we can take a lot of clothes off.
In Hvannadal are cliffs with birds and further away a freestanding stack. We have a picnic. Seems to be a popular picnic site among the foxes.
Back, there's another fox. We stumble into the boat taxi over slippery rocks.
Sailing through occasional patches of sun towards Lónafjörður. Siggi circles twice around the freestanding stack, impressive. On the cliff are rows of birds' nests. The stack is called Súlnastapi.
Salka Valka goes along well.
The weather forecast says that I'll start walking tomorrow afternoon when wind and rain will be less and should stop altogether in the night. Latest by morning will I be at the Látrar lighthouse. And then sleep through the day and really bad weather. And then comes good weather. Unless they change the forecast again.
I regret to leave the boat sooner than planned. Would have liked to visit Hesteyri and Vigur with Siggi and talk to him more. But it seems somehow ridiculous to postpone the start of walking any further.
climbing in Hornvík
from Lónafjörður to Látrar, 15,63 km

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