first day in Grunnavík, 6,4 km

No heating in the morning which means that it is again autumn outside. Dark blue clouds approach from the sea and water that was smooth until then wrinkles up following the movement of the cloud.
Wind blows now from the wrong side but turning around the tent seems like a too tedious enterprise. I just keep the door closed and cannot follow how cloud devours the upper parts of the mountains while drinking coffee. A bird lands on top of the tent.
I read a bit, rain stops and lighter air approaches now from the sea. I decide to undertake an expedition to the rock arcs. Initial plan to go over the mountain is changed when I see that the sea is farther off than it was in the evening. I'll try along the beach. If it doesn't work out I can always go over the mountain. There should be two places on the way that are only passable during low tide, one right here around the corner and the other are the stone arcs themselves. I cannot actually make out the first one but after some stomping on stones I can make out the arcs. Awesome. It still takes a lot of time to reach them.
At the destination some big rat moves around. A mink. Runs on the stones, takes poses, sticks her head into water and rattles it so that water splashes all around.
One could almost cross under the arc but I sit on a rock to wait for the sea to go back some more. A big amount of bad visibility approaches. I put on raingear and look how a white sheet is dragged across my view. Mountains disappear behind it on one end in order to reappear from the other. Finally everything is covered in a white mass, horizon is very close and it starts to drizzle.
A ferry drives past. The animal goes up the mountain. Another ferry drives past. The sea rises instead of going back. Rain gets stronger. It seems smarter to stop slumbering on the rock so I don't remain trapped between the two places that are impassable during high tide. I can come back in the evening. Or tomorrow. And not go to Grænavatn. If there's no sun then the water of the lake will probably anyway not be green and it will just be stomping along wet turf landscape. There's no trail.
On my way back I ruin the duck hunt of the fox.
I read and have a nap and wake up when the tractor is started. People come to the house in which yard I'm camping. I go out to say that probably is not ok to camp there like that. Two women who busy themselves by the house say that it is very ok and I can come in and have water and coffee if I want to.
When rain stops I go for a little walk and then meat soup and coffee are offered. Wonderful. I camp in the phone network point. Cold has ruined the water pipes in the toilet and shower in the winter.
Sigurós has kept this place for tourist business but she's divorced now and does not want to be here alone, has a sore leg and the house is on sale. It is possible to stay here now only when booked ahead and no food is sold. Tomorrow arrives a group on horses and Kiddy came to help her.
I get an offer to sleep inside and gladly accept it. We carry mattresses to the upper floor together. Tomorrow I likely have to move out but at least the stuff that got wet in the morning will be dry.
We drink beer and play dice until midnight.
from Höfðaströnd to Grunnavík, 10,9 km
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