last day

It is warm to sleep, I can see a patch of blue sky from the window in the morning.
Of course I get not to eat my usual breakfast. Instead decent porridge and coffee are made. It is expected that I also cannot eat my usual dinner and now there's too much food.
Over the rocks back to the rock arcs. Water is smooth and only moves silently. A fox.
Today it is possible to walk under the arc with dry feet. Also it is possible to take innumerable amount of pictures. I don't have pink clouds and Arktika sailing back and forth under the arcs like Chris Burkard had but there's the mink sniffing around a few meters from me, I get to sit on a stone, eat snacks, think of all the places that I've seen and enjoy this wonderful last day. The arcs are photographed from right, left and above. A sailboat is offered later but since it's white it obviously is neither Aurora nor Arktika so it does not create much excitement.
From above Hesteyrarfjörður approaches a rain cloud but does not reach me. I try to engrave in my memory the view where all mountains of Hornstrandir are equipped with tops.
Sigurós and Kiddy drink beer on the terrace. Later salad is made, fish fried and rhubarb dessert prepared. We line the trail with cameras when the horseriders arrive. Finns and Germans. One of them claims to remember me from last year.
I can still sleep inside, in a bed separated from the riders with a curtain. Take down the tent that has gotten unpleasantly damp while I've been away.
first day in Grunnavík, 6,4 km
return to civilization

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