from Látrar to Barðsvík, 14,42 km

It rains quite heavily in the night and continues into the morning so that I postpone waking up repeatedly. Then I decide to start moving to be ready if the rain should stop.
Exercises in and around the tent take time. Things don't want to be packed. I want to pack inner tent separately and it is a challenge to remove it when all the gear is in the tent. When I've finally managed to stuff everything in the backpack then rain is over and even a narrow strip of blue sky hovers above the sea.
Today I have to cross four rivers. The first one is right next to the lighthouse and this is easy because there's a bridge. I saw it yesterday and am not very surprised. The trail zigzags higher and I bother another fox who makes a detour from the path because of me. Foxes here seem to know that it is not good to trample on moss all over the peninsula.
There's trail and trail-marks which is nice. Views along the coast are way better than in Portugal (sorry Portuguese!).
I reach next river that flows into the sea along an impressive canyon. The most hopeful place to cross seems to be where river and sea meet. This time I have sandals and a walking stick for water-crossings. The accessories are useful. I try not to look at the mountains of water that rush towards me and not to let the river current sweep me off my feet. Not much of beach weather. On the other side of the cliff is an unexpected toilet. But Drifandi waits ahead. It is a picturesque waterfall that is attached to a river with the same name and drops impressively into the sea from high cliff. The whole river looks to be full of waterfalls and this thing needs to be crossed now. Slipping would probably end with me somewhere near Spitzbergen. A lot of water and it's in a hurry. Hikers before me seem to have chosen the stretch between Drifandi and the waterfall before it and I do the same because upstream looks even more hopeless. Make my pants wet although I've folded them up but I make it. Phew. Some rays of sun pierce through the clouds and I have a hazy shadow for a short while.
In Smiðjuvík is a do-it-yourself toilet and an easy river that I cross stepping on stones. Last and tiring ascent before Barðsvík where I've decided to spend the night. Water gurgles all around me.
In Barðsvík there are not even pieces of a toilet but only a large wet field with a wide river in the middle. Puzzled, I continue to the river and find a patch of dry land there. I camp on the trail. A pair of swans doesn't like it and they fly many times over me, complaining.
I put the outer tent up and have dinner there so that it would get dry. Wash socks in the river. Clip nails. Mend the rain cover of the backpack that I've managed to break on the sharp rocks already. A lot to do.
from Barðsvík to Bolungarvík, 20,83 km

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