long way north

Since I have continued to learn Icelandic it makes sense to go back there. And since I’m going back I have to keep on learning. It seems that there is no way out of this vicious circle.
Although it already went wrong with airplane ticket to Portugal I still optimistically book a ticket to Iceland on 1st of February. At the same time keeping an eye on the news about fidgeting volcanoes, hoping that any of them will not go up before I‘ve safely landed in Ísafjörður. After that they can erupt as much as they will. I wouldn‘t mind being stuck in Iceland.
In the evening the whole floor is covered with things, perplexed me sitting in the middle of it. Too much stuff. Too heavy. I‘ve never had to carry food for so many days. All comfort items stay home and I take only one book. The last issue makes me a bit insecure.
This time I follow the route of Estonians living in Iceland and skip Tallinn airport. Instead I go oversea and meet Icelandair in Vantaa after short tram and train rides. Next time I‘ll skip flying altogether and take my own car with a reasonable travel library. And reduce my carbon footprint. (yes, I know that Iceland is an island)
All security announcements about unattended luggage will probably forever remind of certain unattended oranges.
Icelanders celebrate the birthday of Jón Sigurðsson today. Also known as Independence day of Iceland.

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