return to civilization

Breakfast with the riders. I have a longer chat with Amélie who can drive all kinds of watervessels and seems like a very cool person.
A walk to the other end of the bay. This serves as a pretext to eat the last instant noodles and crispbreads. After scrambling through green thicket up to my chest my trousers are striped green. They will likely never get clean again, shins are already covered in mud.
Four seals on the beach, clear skies over Hornstrandir.
Last coffee and we move to the beach with all the luggage. My refusal to communicate in English results in attention from the whole crew, the captain revolving on his seat and coming to shake my hand in port. All other tourists have clean trousers.
Drop my bag in accommodation and spurt to eat. Restaurant is hopelessly full. Since the kitchen is open until ten so I have time to shower and come back later. Later it does not look much better. I announce that I'm about to starve and am promptly seated with some Australians. There's beer, meat and an invitation for breakfast. Things possibly cannot get any better but still there are fireworks behind the house in the night.
last day
loitering in Ísafjörður

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