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Before ten most places are still closed and streets are quiet. Only jeeps with huge tires and tour buses drive around collecting tourists from hotels for various excursions.
Sky is blue as was predicted but from south a dark cloud approaches already. Middle country should have blue sky until noon.
I react to a bus with written on it. It contains Ásgeir and Alexy. Alexy is from France and keeps an eye on me today. Ásgeir is a local, drives the bus and keeps an eye on someone else.
We head towards Þingvellir national park where you can see how Iceland is slowly breaking in two. The tectonic plates of Eurasia and America move away from each other two cm a year.
Now the gap is already wide enough to have space for diving and snorkeling in between. Water is the cleanest in the world having been filtered through lava a few thousand years. And it is not possible to pee through the dry suits. Water temperature is a few degrees above zero. Ridiculously white mountains against light blue sky line the road.
It takes a long time to get dressed because all tourists have to be tucked into ninja-turtle suites and close them more or less watertight. Only hands and face will get wet. Then penguins march over the road to the ladder. Instructions of course as well. Tourists are divided into groups among the wardens so that the current would not take anyone to the lake where we have to turn left.
The view down is stunning. Blue and clear with occasional green seaweed. Some places are deep and wide, some places narrow. One time I get stuck on a rock. Only when it's time to get out do I feel that my fingers are frozen. Hot chocolate and cookies. The cloud has turned the whole surroundings into black and white painting.
In accommodation I soak myself in hot shower because swimming pool seems to be too far away. I think about going to movies but then I should hurry with dinner and it doesn't suit me to hurry. Next time.
I look around in the harbor and eat seafood soup in a place that looks like a store. I spell the soup from the sign and the waitress apologizes for having spoken to me in English. A lot of tourists come there. What she says next remains a mystery in big part but I smile and nod like an expert. After that spend some time with coffee and waffle in a café. It starts to rain.
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