It's raining cats and dogs. And trolls.
We still go to have a look at Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Haven't seen any waterfalls for some time. Seljalandsfoss is different because you can walk around the falling water. Stroll behind the curtain and watch how big portions of water fall down into water. Awesome. As an additional attraction is a small waterfall in a cave nearby called Gljúfrabúi. Rocks with moss wiggle overhead and from one side water gushes down. Everything is very wet.
Wind has gotten stronger than promised. 26 m/s and the warning signs next to the road show red numbers. With more than 18 m/s our buses shouldn't be driving. We take it slow.
Back to the hotel and alive, we lift our luggage into the buses and the drive goes more east. There's hope to see glacier lagoons. Like Svínafellsjökull that is there in the rain, absurdly blue. Equipped with crampons we trudge along the rock's edge. Ice makes noices below. The horizon is wrapped in flying water.
Through wet bus window endless emptyness is visible, at times more or less white. Here the rain melts the snow diligently but in the west was such a snow storm yesterday that Snæfellsnes peninsula was totally locked.
Then is a new hotel for spreading out all our wet stuff.
It is nice that Icelanders practise decent big portions of food.
vertical and horizontal water
ice in various shapes

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