Gas station next to the airport is busy. More and more tourists travel around in rental cars and they have to fill the tank before returning the car.
Airport is being expanded and the crowds are a little too much for it. The tax return queue is huge as are the check-in and security check queues. Icelanders act efficiently under the circumstances. People going to Paris block the way of those going to Helsinki. This is the main bottle neck of the place.

Iceland Air is a company that uses security videos and coffee cups to promote their country and language. WiFi on board.

Icelanders have somehow Finnish feel. Viking-looking athletic guys with long beards are often tourist guides and look weird together with sleek tourists.

The final week I had the feeling again of being in Iceland. Funny how being in a group loses sense of direction and knowledge of what country you are in. All stops are like pieces of a puzzle with no connection between them. Even I had to make an effort to keep track of our position on the map and find out names of sites. The organizers handle all formalities and it's better to use English when talking to hotel staff in order not to confuse them. Comfortable but totally poor regarding experience. As if you were in a glass box. And strange how estranged from nature are people who consider themselves nature photographers.

The frozen center of Iceland disappears slowly into clouds. First time that I have a whole plan ready for next trip before I've even left the country. I go to Estonia for a moment.

The challenge of today is to spend 10 hours in Vantaa airport. I bought an additional book from Keflavik airport to combat that. The cover has already repeatedly got my attention. Ég ferðast einn. I travel alone.
Reykjanes peninsula

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