water from up and down

In the morning we have to dress weather-tight.
Luckily no-one understands the words on my rubber boots. Otherwise I should maybe explain if Estonian defence forces really have 'boots on the ground' in Iceland.
For transportation are two minibusses, three seats for two persons. Marsel the photographer and Daniella, his wife, are the drivers. First destination is a waterfall called Öxarárfoss. Small but usually with no people. We get to make first footprints in the snow. It is the same Þingvellir national park where also Silfra is. And the first parliament of Iceland gathered here. A stream searches its way picturesquely through rough rocks and between wet snowfall and snowstorm sun even comes out for a moment.
After hot chocolate we look for a change at water that comes up from the ground. This is performed by a Geyser-named geyser. Around it is a huge crowd but the sight is noteworthy. The whole area steams, wind waves the vapor among the people. Water pushes a huge bubble out of a hole that then explodes high up. Smell of rotten eggs on top of that.
Lunch and then again some water that falls down. Gullfoss waterfall is unreasonably big, water murmurs over a wide landscape, lined with icicles. The trail down has been closed off with chains and signs and at the moment no-one climbs over the installation. The ground down there is hellishly slippery from steam. A couple of weeks ago the news showed a lot of people climbing over the fortification. It is possible to climb up and there is a new view. All of the canyon is visible. Wind hits me in the face with snow and the view slowly disappears between snowflakes.
Large amount of Thai food and we reach the guesthouse on the South coast after dark. Tomorrow the wind could be so strong that we cannot go out.
break in independant life
vertical and horizontal water

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