Vatsnes peninsula

Strong wind day today. I leave the friendly establishment and head towards Vatsnes peninsula.
First a road which is dead end on both sides, at least according to the signs. Then GPS tries to send me on a big detour. I catch it halfway. So that's why the sea was on the wrong side and far away appeared to be something like Snæfell. Missed some coastline twists and turns but instead saw landscape consisting of green vastness, filled with sunshine.
Not much about Vatnsnes was on internet. Seems to be a seal-watching area. Seals are lined up far from shore on stones and don't move. I circle the peninsula. Lot of green, lot of tractors and haymaking. Narrow gravel road. Three carfuls of tourists have organized a traffic jam by feeding horses out of car window. A local pushes himself through nudging the horses with his jeep and I can get on the move after him.
In the end of the circle is a huge rock in water. Presumably again a troll who was late escaping the sunrise. He's called Hvítserkur.
Small detour to the other side of ring-road. Kolafoss is stunning. Massive gushes of water flow into an impressive canyon. Somewhere here should be a hidden treasure. Or it's the emotion.
The way towards Blönduós goes through differently shaped mountains, clouds hanging in between, like driving through some naïve art painting.
In Blönduós are food and camp site.
on four legs
rain on Tröllaskagi

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