back to the civilization

Bus station is cleverly set behind the corner of the hotel. Buses tend to depart on time.
In addition to WiFi on board they offer modern music. If there's something from civilization besides shower that I miss while hiking then it's music. After some time even disco goes.
Storks have built a multi-storey-house on a high voltage electricity pole. The other poles are mostly empty.
Lisbon. According to the instruction sent from the accommodation I need to take blue metro line until the end and then it's 10 minutes on foot. Too many houses and streets to follow this so googlemaps is of help. I still arrive from the opposite direction instead of from where Gonēalo is expecting me. I get the key to a nice mini-apartment. Everything looks great. A cake and a bottle of wine are included. Gonēalo gives me a lot of vital information, where is a shop, where is the tram, where to listen to fado and where to eat. When going out it is possible to take portable WiFi with me.
I empty my bag. Wrinkled jeans are hopefully trendy. And off to check out the surroundings. Orientation game in search of street art and picturesque corners, up and down the stair-streets of Alfama. Smell of freshly washed laundry fills the air.
The recommended eating place is full with queue outside. A non-recommended place contains a cockroach.The fado place is not full, there’s one free table. Song begins right away. Cosy atmosphere, small room and only a handful of people. The male singer seems to me better that the woman. Anyway, it's beautiful. Technical information: better to avoid fado in places where there's a restaurant and the other way around, better not to eat where's fado. In Alfama under the Chapitō restaurant is Bartō bar where on Thursdays is fado from 22:30 until one in the night. Ticket is 5 euros, drinks are available but no must.
Back I orient from memory. The trick is to find the tram way which leads to St Vincent and from there I already know the way home.
from Vale Seco to Santiago do Cacém, 22,3 km

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