Unlike Goncalo predicted there's no rain in the morning. I still take rain jacket along just in case.
Breakfast in a busy café, then military museum. Just because it's on the way to the metro station and because there's the sword of Vasco da Gama. The sword is big and was used for ceremonial purposes. All kinds of stuff that people have invented to kill eachother. Some elements of equipment are interesting. But the building itself is worth a look with all its thematic sculptures and ceiling paintings. Seems to be in active military use as well.
In Chiado an anthology of Portuguese art from 19th century until video art is on display. All names are unfamiliar to me but art here has followed trends elsewhere.
Sćo Roque church is the first sacral building I enter while in Portugal. It is the oldest Jesuit church in Portugal and is supposed to contain the most expensive chapel in the world. The chapel is not marked out but there's a lot of gold everywhere.
I walk to the river through Chiado district. Here are glass facades, broad streets, shops and people in suits. The area was fully distroyed during the eartquake in 1755 so it was possible to re-build it on a large scale. I notice nothing that I would like to photograph.
I ride across the river to Cacilhas because it's warm weather. There stands Jesus on top of a mountain, his arms spread. I manage to get through the row of restaurant personnel but get hooked on an old ship. Dom Fernando II e Glória was built in 1843 and has sailed a few times around the globe. Now they show her to people for 4 euros.
Walk a bit higher but sun fries in a familiar manner so I take a coffee and go back down. Enough to get a picture. By the river are trees and grass from where to look at Lisbon.
Back on the other shore, I take a long walk to Lx Factory. Main destination being Ler Devagar bookshop. It is stuffed with books from floor to ceiling. The ceiling is very high. Most books are in Portuguese but they have also translated some local things into English. The plan (one book) will be exeeded by three books. Ride without a valid ticket in tram to get back.
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