from Aljezur to Odeceixe, 27,6 km

A day of food confusion. In hostel breakfast starts later than promised. I take money back and start walking before it gets too hot.
Today wouldn't actually be a long day but I've planned to do two detours which adds 10 kilometers.
First detour takes me to Amoreira beach where I don't notice migrating birds that were advertised, only migrating surfers. It's still cloudy but it seems that clearing starts from the coast today. Lot of sand. Same flowers as yesterday, different compositions. Next to the trail are information boards that encourage people not to be afraid of insects. Immediately I can identify a sand-wasp. Breakfast on a windy cliff. Good that I have so much food with me today. The forest after the beach is nice, otherwise it wasn't much of a detour.
Before the only village on the way today, Rogil, the trail starts to follow an irrigation canal that is a good choice. Wind blows cooler air over the water. Wind is stronger today. In Rogil I can finally have coffee. Then the trail goes along main street where are a hotel, many cafes and a shop. Way more civilisation than I'm able to consume.
After civilization the trail returns to the same canal. The point obviously was to enable hikers to feed themselves. Frogs and snakes jump into the water. Rest under eucalyptus trees then next detour. There the views are better but the end is again on paved road.
Near a beach is a parked car behind every bush. That way a beach can be seen already from far away, from glistening cars.
Odeceixe is strewn over a mountainside. No people except for a cyclist who knocks on accommodation doors without much success. At dinner time tourists appear from somewhere. I eat some strange seafood and afterwards the napkin looks like I'd eaten coal. The restaurant staff first forgets my coffee, then to bring the bill and then the change. All this is followed by lot of appologies and a weird snaps.
Now all days will be short, between 15 and 22 km. Four of them along the coast.
Toenail rattles when knocked on as if the toe was hollow inside.
from Arrifana to Aljezur, 19,5 km
from Odeceixe to Zambujeira, 19,9 km

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