from Arrifana to Aljezur, 19,5 km

No-one came to my room. There's surprisingly a lot of items at breakfast. One jam is very popular among ants.
It would be 12 kilometers to Aljezur but this meagre amount would not be enough to come out of bed. A detour to the coast adds six kilometers. The beginning is beautiful. Sandy track through the fauna of the dunes. As if walking in a giant garden. A lot of new pictures to my flower collection. In addition to just being here the flowers also smell. Butterflies, escaping lizards and the danger of stepping on ant trails. On the coast is pleasant haze of clouds. Looking inland scorching sunrays can be seen.
Finally by the ocean I sit to enjoy the view and eat an apple. The apple is the heaviest food in my luggage. Further come some more stunning views of rocks from one side and from the other side. Then three kilometers of paved road and the same amount past houses. Awful. The cloud haze has disappeared. The plan was to move from one shadow to the next but it didn't take into account the possibility that trees might not be available. The little wind there is comes from hot hairdryer. A pond where Brits run their uncontrollable dogs.
I find a small group of trees. Pines with very long needles. The forest cracks as if on fire. At half past two the wind turns and gets stronger. It comes from the ocean now and is many degees cooler. Nice.
I move ahead in short streches, wet my hair in a stream.
Before Aljezur is a stone structure from 10th century. Did the city look the same above the track then, the same landscape, the same heat?
Hostel again. This time there's also someone else in the room. Shower, beer, shop. Collossal amount of food in the shop. I guess I buy too much.
Having slow-read the previous book, I now start a new one. Thoreau, Walking. I have found my alter ego.
from Carrapateira to Arrifana, 24,4 km
from Aljezur to Odeceixe, 27,6 km

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