from Almograve to Vila Nova de Milfontes, 15,8 km

A restless night.
After we had been lectured for talking too loud I bump into a woman in the washing room. She drops clothes. Next I hit her with the door because she has moved into our room. At half past one in the night. She starts creaking with the bed. Somehow it makes me laugh but laughing is not allowed. First time I wake up because I'm cold and I go looking for another blanket. Then I wake up when the added woman starts snoring with a bang. The worst type of snoring as we just discussed. Third time I wake up when cheery music starts to play. It's the alarm of the new woman. She switches it off and continues to sleep.
Breakfast includes surprising amount of items for a hostel and this price. I eat together with Martina. Besides that it interesting to talk to her is it also a way to escape the English ladies. Martina is Czech and walked from Porto to Santiago de Compostela. This was not enough for her and she came to walk some more on the coast. She recently discovered the joys of travelling alone so we have more incommon than age and hat type.
The weather is pleasantly clouded. I still make a beach stop to inspect the stuff that ocean has delivered here: seashells, stones, socks. Actually I just by chance find a rope going down to the beach and cannot leave it unused. The place that Martina talked about only comes later. I throw a lot of stones into the sea, manage maximum six times the stone jumping up from water's surface.
The first half of the trail is very sandy and my progress very slow. Herds of 20 people go the other direction. Finally I need to cross broad Mira river. There are signs about ferry but no vessel to be seen. Trail zigzags to motorway and joins the cars over a giant bridge.
Bag to hotel, shower, then I go and inspect the stone towers and sit on the balcony with other tourists who pretend that they are not cold.
from Zambujeira to Almograve, 22,9 km
from Vila Nova de Milfontes to Porto Covo, 15,2 km

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