from Zambujeira to Almograve, 22,9 km

Finally I manage to start so early that it is even cold. Besides it's very strong wind today.
Four kilometers next to a motorway, luckily they have built a sideway here. Every now and then there are big signs with instructions how to do exercises. I only do pull-ups. Then I have to drag myself up a cliff on a rope. This is not sport but part of the trail.
Coast, then the trail hides from wind and sun between high bushes. The coast seems to be getting lower and sandier so the trail has been diverted further away from the edge in many places due to erosion. More storks. Interesting, don't waves flush away their nests during storms?
On half way a sandwich stop and then long way in the dunes. No people, only sand, flowers and wind. Wind blows sand all over the place.
Before accommodation I make a beach stop. The water is as cold as yesterday but doesn't move around as much. Low tide. Various things can be found between the rocks. Seashells are different here than they were in Faro.
In the central square one of the English ladies hooks up with me. Tells me everything. She has been alone all day.
Hostel isn't as nice as they previous ones. The others were comfortable places for surfers and hikers, this one here is a caracterless joint sleeping establishment.
For dinner the English ladies kidnap me, having first bought me a beer. I can broaden their geography knowledge. Is Tblisi the capital of Estonia? No, that's Georgia. But it's close, isn't it? Well, depends on the scale, we are up North, Georgia is between Russia and Turkey. But Macedonia is near there?
Finally back to the hostel, there is Martina with whom we chat so long that the guard comes to direct us back to be decent members of the society.
from Odeceixe to Zambujeira, 19,9 km
from Almograve to Vila Nova de Milfontes, 15,8 km

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